Please note   There is no online booking of classes available this term, please see our latest Newsletter on how to book for classes after enrolling.

Courses we provide:

A variety of one-off courses are provided and may be seen in our Newsletter which can be downloaded. As well, there are regular courses which are outlined below:


U3A WRITERS No 1. on Mondays 10-12 noon.

This course is run by Chris  and provides an opportunity for people to share their experiences of writing in a supportive, friendly, cheerful atmosphere.

PUPPETS on Mondays 1-3pm

The Puppet people enjoy creating puppets and performing for preschoolers in the district.

BALANCE N BONES Tuesday 8.45-9.30 pm

Program of age related aerobic, weights and balance.  Exercise to keep you fit and moving.  Contact Lorraine on 0428 406 009

COLLECTORS GROUP Tuesday mornings 10.00 to 12.00 pm

Participants are invited to bring along collectible antique objects which can be described and discussed. Carole is the enthusiastic tutor.

LET’S PLAY GAMES on Tuesday 1.30-3.30pm

You’re welcome to join this very friendly group to play Mahjong, Scrabble, Rummyclub and other assorted games. The afternoon is run by Helen on 0409 069 055

HISTORY on Wednesdays 10 to 12 pm

Various topics are covered by our tutors ie women in history, writers, battles, new discoveries, not just royalty.

SQUARE DANCING  on Wednesdays 1 – 2.30 pm

An enjoyable way to keep mind and body healthy.  Contact Warren on 6559 1383

U3A SINGERS on Thursday 2-3.30 pm

Under the guidance of Geraldine, the group meets to sing for pleasure a variety of musical styles including jazz, popular, blues, country and popular songs from the musicals. Contact Anne on 6555 2754

BALANCE N BONES Friday 8.45-9.30 am

Come for more gentle exercise to improve balance and maintain healthy bones.  Contact Sue on 0429  059 055

FLIRTING WITH PHILOSOPHY on alternate Fridays 10-12 noon

The group is invited to look at life’s ever-changing problems and their solutions with a disbelieving mind, a smile and sometimes a chuckle. Contact Robyn on 6557 5377

MEDIA MATTERS on alternate Fridays 10-12 noon

At these Current Affairs sessions, led by Jan, participants are invited to bring items of news for discussion. There is always a varied set of items and discussion is lively and educational.  Contact Robyn on 6557 5377

U3A WRITERS No 2 on Fridays 12.30-2.30 pm

Let your imagination and creativity flow to paper.

BOOK CLUB NO. 1 Meets on 2nd Friday of month. Waiting List may apply. Contact: Helen on 0409 069 055

BOOK CLUB NO. 2 Meets on 4th Tuesday of month at various locations. Contact Laurel on 6554 4541

BOOK CLUB NO.3 Meets on the last Monday of the month.   Contact Carole on  6554 6608

BOOK CLUB NO.4 Meets on 3rd Tuesday of the month at various location.