Noelle White

 Come Again, Sweet Love …. August 2007

By Noelle White
My own sweet love, do you recall
Those walks along the beach
Our future undecided then
A marriage out of reach.
Our work would keep us worlds apart
Before love could come again
That Christmas in Australia
The last till who knew when.
How would we know, how could we tell
That fate would intervene
And we would be together soon
Despite our fears unseen.
In Java Qantas filled your days
In London I survived
With only daily aerogrammes
To keep our love alive.
Four months, three days, the cable came,
"I’m heading back down under!"
So much to do, to sort and pack
No time to sit and wonder.
The day I left, the sun shone bright
By Speedbird New York bound
Across the States, across the seas
Half the world around.
And there you were, my own sweet love
With roses in your hand,
A smile as wide as the harbour Bridge,
What a welcome to your land.
After many years of strife and care
I shall never forget that day
And that extra special happy time
When I returned to stay…..

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