Chris Butler

Chris Butler – May 2010



A is for the aches and pains as we get old
B is for backache when the mornings are cold
C is for coughs and colds and catarrh
D is for deafness when sounds come from afar
E is the elastic that’s gone from our knees
F is forgetting to even say please
G is the gout that comes in our toes
H is the hair loss that goes and goes
I is the injuries that leaves our arms red
J is for joints that creak when in bed
K is knuckles that are stiff in the morning
L is the length of the new – health warning
M is the moaning about our great weight
N is the noise from our denture plate
O is how often our doctor does see us
P is the pills and potions and poultice
Q is the questions when we see the bill
R is R-thritis and rheumatics  that don’t kill
S is our stomach with its acid a problem
T is our toenails and how to cut them
U is for ulcers on our ankles a pain
V is for veins of the varicose strain
W is for wrinkles that bring out our sighs
X is for expecting our end may be nigh
Y is how young we were in our prime
Z is for snoozing at inappropriate times


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